Wimbledon- #jointhestory



What a day! It was the best day ever!

The energy in that stadium!

Before and Between the Games:
When I arrived, the first thing I saw was the big Wimbledon scoreboard showing who played against who and when. Everybody is just so excited.
Everything is very well organized and everywhere is staff showing you around.


Dress Code:
A lot of people are dressed in the Wimbledon colours purple and dark green. I wore a white blouse with stripes, a dark blue pullover, black trousers, my Ray Ban sun glasses and my hair was pulled back into a bun.

Wimbledon 13

Fun Games:
You could play group tennis with an organized trainer and win prizes, take funny pictures with various organizations which promoted charity work, enjoy delicious healthy (even plant-based) food and get to know your seat neighbour who is just excited as you are.

Wimbledon 15-2

#TeamWater #Ittakesteamsofpeople;  Established in 2013, the Wimbledon Foundation is the official charity of The All England Lawn Tennis Club and The Championships. The Wimbledon Foundation and WaterAid have teamed up to champion clean water, for futures full of potential.

For some people my souvenirs (socks, oven gloves, journal and bag) may be strange souvenirs but for me it is the best present. It combines my passion for cooking and food, writing and I just love comfy socks and it will always remind me of this great day.

wimbledon souvenir 6

wimbledon souvenir 5

The strawberries are tradition in Wimbledon: 28,000kg of them are eaten at the tournament each year.

IBM showed us their computer program Watson, working with Artificial Intelligence. It analyzes every shot from the players within seconds and much more around Wimbledon. It also helps prevent terror attacks which made me feel very safe at the event. I also must add: I like that IBM honors especially their female leaders in AI.

During the game:
When I was really young I did not get the excitement everybody felt about tennis. But when you are live there, you absorb the excitement while everybody is rooting for one of the players. When Roger Federer serves you can hear a pin drop. After one player won the point, the crowd starts to cheer. The energy is just unbelievably amazing.


The Players:
First of all: I admire sportsmen so much! The hard discipline, the long hours of work they have to put in to achieve their goals. These are not only principles when it comes to sports but how to lead your life. Everyday, they try to improve themselves and measure their improvement.

Roger Federer
My favorite male player is Roger Federer. What I personally admire about him is his emotional intelligence (just listen to one of his interviews), his self-confidence on court and the ability to pick the right people in his life. When you watch the winning speech from the Australian Open 2018 he still cries because he is so happy he has won and so thankful for his team although he can count so many wins throughout his career. A lot of admiration for what he has built! My favorite quote:

Focus on your strength, rather than trying to improve your weaknesses. You want to be number 1 in one area and not be an all-around good in everything else.

roger federer-3.jpg

Roger Federer before going to Centre Court

Serena Williams
My favorite female tennis player is Serena Williams ( I also like Belinda Bencic right now, she has such a cute personality). Serena always speaks up and fights for herself regardless of the discomfort of confrontation! I really much admire that about her. Favorite quote:

I think you should work on yourself until the day you die!

Wimbledon 7-2

Serena Williams playing on Court No. 1

Rafael Nadal:
Rafael Nadal is currently ranked world No. 2 in men’s singles tennis. Favorite quote:

Losing is not my enemy. Fear of losing is my enemy. But competing or just for fun, simply enjoy and try your best. 

I really can so much relate to that. Sometimes I am so over-excited and I wish I would be a little bit calmer. I will definitely try to put that into action when I feel overwhelmed.

Novak Djokovic
Djokovic won the Wimbledon Championships 2019. He credits his plant-based diet for his success and fast recovery after training and injury. He takes part in the upcoming documentation ‘Game Changers’ which I am really excited about. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton and other famous athletes talk about the power of plants and their effect on health and training results. Favorite quote:

We only have one life and one body to care of, and we better do it right.

What Wimbledon means to me now:
Wimbledon is not just an event to watch tennis. It is an event to have a great experience with like-minded people and I will never forget this day in my life.




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