I think London is my new favorite city. There are so many healthy cafés, the people are the nicest and the lovely markets and activity options make it even more awesome as a trip destination. London is really spoilt when it comes to food! Some of my favourite places have to be the food markets around London. They have such delicious fresh food, which is well thought out and they’re so fun to go to. I would also have to say that I’ve been really blown away by some of the healthy food restaurants. You can find a list of my recommendations down below.

  1. Favorite Area
  2. London Living
  3. Wimbledon Fever
  4. Traffic
  5. Shopping in London
  6. Flowers
  7. Famous Telephone Boxes and Red Buses
  8. Markets
  9. Favorite Visits
  10. Links to Healthy Spots

Favorite Area: Notting Hill

bh London.jpeg

I lived in Notting Hill during my stay. All areas of London have something unique but if I had to decide where I would live it would be Notting Hill (Mayfair is close). The houses are so beautiful and the area has the best cafés.

London Living

While riding the underground, I spotted signs with uplifting quotes just to give the riders a mood boost or sayings like ‘Drink enough water today ;)’ which is such a cute thing. At every station, you’ll find enough people to help you. During Pride Month, the crosswalk was painted colourful to support the LGTB-Community.



Wimbledon Fever

Everybody was in Wimbledon fever since the tournament took place during that week.

Wimbledon watching-2

Public Watching Options everywhere in London


#LondonInWimbledonFever Tanya’s Café and other restaurants gave a discount during the Wimbledon Championships


Served London Tea during the Championships


I crashed with a biker. I am so grateful that nothing happened to neither of us.
In London, the cars come from the right side. I thought it would be no problem for me. But honestly, I was almost killed four times. So, be careful, you better watch out for cars coming from the right.

Shopping in London

Since I am not a shopping obsessed person but I like souvenirs from places I have visited around the world you can find me most in shops for tableware and food. I bought my souvenirs at AIDA (Shoreditch), at NÔM Living (Columbia Road Flower Market) and at the sports tournament in Wimbledon.


AIDA in Shoreditch sells brands like HK Living and nkuku


NÔM Living: beautiful shop at the end of Columbia Road Flower Market


Wimbledon Souvenirs: Double Oven Gloves, Journal, Cosy Socks and Reusable Bag


Flowers in London

Flowers are given a lot of special attention in London. I do like the decorations everywhere in London since I am a little bit obsessed with flowers. The most famous flower café is Peggy Porschen Cakes.


Flowers 6





Famous Telephone Boxes and Red Buses

The red phone box is often seen as a British cultural icon throughout the world. From 1926 onwards, the fascias of the kiosks were emblazoned with a prominent crown, representing the British government.
At the same time, the red double-decker bus also remains a widely recognised symbol of the city.

telephone box


Everyone who has read my blog post ‘Healthy Eating in Berlin knows, I enjoy markets so much: the Spitalfield Market and Columbia Road Flower Market were my favorites while visiting London.

Flower Market 5

Favorite Visits

I love old universities and libraries and the Mayfield Lavender Farm was a pretty awesome trip. An event that I joined and which you can book online was ‘cinema on boat’ and I can not recommend it more (link on pictures).

royal holloway university.jpg

Royal Holloway University 4-2

tower bridge 2.png

Lavender Farm 1


Health Spots and Places to Visit in London

In the following, I summarized the best health spots and great places to visit in London:


Healthy Eating in Notting Hill

Healthy Eating in Shoreditch

Healthy Eating in Chelsea + Places to Visit

Healthy Eating in Covent Garden






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