Healthy Eating in Notting Hill

Since my accomodation was in Notting Hill, the cafés I went to were not far away.

Restaurants mentioned: 
Farm Girl
Redemption Bar
Juice Baby

My first café in London and still one of my favorites. The backyard is hidden behind a beautiful turquoise door. The staff is super friendly; they gave us more advice on the best markets in London. But the best is of course the food. The Butterfly Matcha and other lattes are pleasantly decorated and the meal was so delicious. When you are done with eating, you can go upstairs to the pretty shop Sister Jane and take a look at their pretty clothes.

farm girl



Their motto: take care of your body – it is the only place your soul has to live in!

Pulling from a variety of pan-asian flavors, minimalistic architecture and natural ingredients, this restaurant is for everyone who wants to try something new.


I celebrated the Japanese culture by ordering the following meals:
Vegan Sushi: Nori sheet, quinoa & tahini, rocket, carrots, apple, sun dried tomatoes, avocado and cashew mustard dressing)
C-Focus: apple, ginger, grapefruit
Seadweed Salad: Wakame seaweed, lemon, black sesame seeds



REDEMPTION BARRedemption.PNGI saw two Redemption Bars: one in Covent Garden and one in Notting Hill. I had a really nice chat with the woman working there. Super nice and she told me she loved Germany and that she has worked there for quite a bit and that Germans are her favorite people. It was so lovely to hear. I just can give it back. I just love English people.

Redemption 4

‘green is the new black’: baby spinach, avocado, cucumber, pineapple, lime, ginger coconut water ginger, coconut water

Redemption Bar 2-2

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Redemtion Bar-2

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farmacy (1)-2


Their philosophy: Organically and biodynamically prepared between the soil and the sun, every element of every recipe connects us back to a conscious way of eating. Just as nature intended.

This is absolutely one of my favorite places in London. I found it by accident and first thought it was kind of a pharmacy. The food is so delicious and the atmosphere is amazing. The staff is super friendly, alert and thoughtful. I recommended this place to my friends Rachel from Minnesota and Eliza from Australia (who is by the way studying plant science) and both loved it!



Farmacy-Nachos-e1463050169362 (1)

picture source of the picture with the nachos:



Philosophy: little by little

Their aim is to make sustainablehealthy food accessible, on the go. Their food and drinks are handmade. They avoid the use of dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, chemical additives or preservatives of any kind.
And the best part is: they support local, organic farmers.
When I was there, I bought the brownies and could not resist to buy two other desserts. It was so delicious! I also took a juice and a sandwich to go. I saved it because I planned to take it as my lunch package for my upcoming event: cinema on the boat. It was the best healthy boat cruise ever.
I did not have time to try this Australian restaurant but Meghan Markle claims:
‘Granger & Co – hits the spot for brunch every single time.’
– Meghan Markle –
London has very pretty old towns. Some creative owners painted their houses in beautiful colours and it is just a wonderful view when you walk down the streets. A lot of people stop their walk to take some pictures.

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