Healthy Eating in Mayfair

You can eat a lot of satisfying meals in Mayfair – afterwards you can enjoy a bus tour at night.

I have linked their websites in the titles.


When you step into Feya, you see pink velvet armchairs, a lot of flowers, golden butterflies and you hear a lot of love songs. My meal was a be gentle: pink oats with caramel chia pudding (consisting of dates), mashed rose raspberries and banana). It is made of only natural ingredients.





I really love this place. You can decide on a course of different salads, sides and snacks. You can choose it as a take-away or eat it there. I ate it in front of the  music festival British Summer Time in Hyde Park. Just try it! It’s worth it!

My meal was very satisfying: soba noodles with edamame and chili, roasted cauliflower and a tahini dressing, roasted aubergine topped with coriander and pomegranate seeds, ozro noodles and carrot hummus and as a dessert the famous deliciously Ella hazelnut nut balls.





I took a superfood salad: baby kale, butternut squash, pomegranate, farro, linseed, cauliflower couscous and pomegranate molasses. They have some delicious healthy options and the atmosphere is really good.

AUbaine 7-3


My experience was really good. The greek staff was so nice and my bread with aubergine, beet root hummus and avocado, pomegranate seeds was delicious and my flower tea was the best.

Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe4-2



Another restaurant which I missed because of time issues but will definitely visit the next time in London is Mildred’s. It looks really delicious and I only heard positive things about the restaurant.


The bus tour is at night and the guide was so funny. You can enjoy your sandwich on the top of the bus and listen to interesting and amusing facts about London. Actually, I think, it would also be great for Londoners – when foreign friends come to Berlin (my hometown), they always tell me to which great places they have been to and my answer is often: Oh great, I have never been there. Hence, even Londoners can get something out of this tour.


Bus Tour 3-2



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