Tanya’s Café in Chelsea, London


Tanya Maher is a leading pioneer in the world of ultra-nutritious and energising plant-based foods for the whole family. She is the creator of the Amazon #1 best selling DVD Raw Food 101 and author of Hay House’s The Uncook Book. Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now raising her own family in London, Tanya has been hailed as one of the most recognised experts in the world of gourmet raw food by the likes of Vogue, Daily Mail and Women’s Health. Tanya Maher creates food that is not just healthy for people and the planet but stunning and delicious by any standard.



If you want cold pressed juices and nut milk coffees for breakfast, artisan living dishes for lunch and superfood cocktails after four, Tanya’s is the right place for you.

Their partnership with the hotel My Chelsea means that the café of the hotel, the beautiful, newly refurbished Living Room, is now available to all of Tanya’s customers, so if you’re after a Medicinal Mushroom Latte with coconut milk and your colleague needs her traditional Cappuccino, there’s no more need to dine in separate restaurants. You can also bring your laptop and work away in a green, living environment.

The best part is: they are open from 7am till 11pm with the full menu restocked into the store’s fridges each morning.


Tanya’s calling is to spread the message of living foods in respect with the customer and the environment. By aligning all her values, she has created such a beautiful, innovative and enlivening cuisine to Chelsea, London and everyone visiting the UK.


Tanya also runs SupperClubs, called Raw in Chelsea and collaborates with friends, offering her delicious meals at events and other places.

Tanya’s partnership with Deliveroo and Quiqup means that you can get anything delivered throughout London!


Tanya does amazing cakes and if you imagine that you give your body valuable nutrients at the same time, it does not only sound like heaven, it is! I felt amazing after the whole meal.



Instagram: Tanya’s Living






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