Planned Day in Covent Garden

In Covent Garden, you can find Neil’s Yard: a teeny, brightly-coloured courtyard with a pretty shopping area. Discover the flagship Neal’s Yard Remedies for heavenly skincare products or you can treat yourself to a raw chocolate tart at the plantbased-friendly Wild Food Café.

When you still have time, you have to visit the Mayfields Lavender Farm. It is my absolute favorite place in Britain. Additionally, you can finish off the day with a cosy movie on a boat on the Thames. It was the best feeling ever.

Places mentioned:

Wild Food Café
– Redemption Bar
26 grains
– Neil’s Yard Remedies Store
Dalloway Terrace
Cinema on Boat



The café’s motto: stay wild, stay juicy!

I spent my first evening in London at Covent Garden. On my way to the Wild Food Café, I could enjoy the beautiful streets und houses. The people were just so nice, helping me to find the right address. You can find the Wild Food Café at 14 Neil’s Yard, 1st floor, surrounded by beautiful little cafés, such as Redemption Bar and 26 grains or the Neil’s Yard Remedies Store.
You can take a table right next to the huge window, looking down on the beautiful yard.
They offer water for free (which is not common in Germany). ‘It has been filtered through a state of the art filtration system with 10 levels of natural media mimicking nature’s cycle, with a pH of 7.’
They offer also retreats, dinner series and supper clubs.


The restaurant is actually is close to Covent Garden in Bloomsbury. They have a range of delicious juices and everything looks like it is made with love. My acai bowl with coconut chips was beautifully decorated and the peppermint tea comes in a huge teapot. The interior is just as pretty with flower walls and golden and marble elements. I really recommend going there if you are searching for a nice spot with healthy options on the menu, even if the weather is not that great. (The terrace is roofed.)



The bill comes in the book after which the restaurant is named

   Dalloway Terrace 1-2            Dalloway Terrace 2-2



This week, we went to the lavender farm in Mayfields, near London. When we arrived, we were blown away. You are surrounded by the color purple. The field is so huge that you can not see the end when you enter the field.

We took a nice walk on one of the small paths through the field and had a picnic on the beautiful wooden benches right in the middle. We were very lucky with the weather, though.

Just the whole atmosphere is amazing: the smell of the lavender, the surrounding of the lavender blossoms and just the beauty of the nature. A lot of people even marry there because it is such a beautiful scenery.

Subsequently, you can go to the Mayfield farm shop and buy seeds, candles, oils or other souvenirs.

ADVICE: Go early in the day and it is better to go on weekdays since the destination is very popular.

Lavender Farm 1

Lavender Farm







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