Favorite Tableware Brands

My favorite tableware brands so far:

the brands nkuku, NÔM Living and HK Living are so beautiful and thoughtfully designed. When you have a few basics, you can present some pretty tableware for inviting friends for dinner.

HK Living
I love the design of this Dutch brand. In their current edition, the spotlight is on Greek influenced designs with their tableware collection Athena ceramics.

I bought the products at AIDA in Shoreditch, London. The products are also online available:


Their tableware collections combine unique hand painted designs with natural contours and artisan skills in varied collections of dining sets, mugs and serving bowls. I bought the products at AIDA in Shoreditch, London but they have a great online store.



NÔM Living
The shop on Columbia Road was established in 1998 in the heart of what has become a destination for avid shoppers in search of individual boutiques offering an alternative to mass-produced items. Every single product has been individually hand crafted with care and consideration to the raw material, process and finished article. Their mother-of pearl cutlery as well as their coconut wood cutlery is amazing.

The rustic stoneware collection is handmade studio pottery, influenced by Japanese ceramic and Scandinavian styling. No two pieces will be identical.

Where to find:

Nom Living
102 Columbia Road
E2 7QB
London, UK


NÔM Living: beautiful shop at the end of Columbia Road Flower Market




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