Healthy Eating and Places in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a district in the East End of London with lots of wonderful markets and restaurants to discover.

Columbia Road Flower Market
Spitalfield Market, foods and other goods
– The Grocer, restaurant at Spitalfield Market
Borough Market 
Wok it, restaurant at Borough Market and other areas of London
Dishoom, Indian restaurant
The attendant, café/ restaurant
AIDA, shop with café
Andina, café/ restaurant

NÔM LIVING, tableware
– HK Living

Obsessed with Flowers at COLUMBIA ROAD FLOWER MARKET

Different colours, different plants! Scientific Research shows: “Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness.” (J. Haviland-Jones et al.: Evolutionary Psychology; – 2005. 3: 104-132; “An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers“). I find flowers not only beautiful but they really boost my mood. The different shapes, colours and looks from the plants from all over the world are amazing!

Tip: I went during the most popular time slot. I would recommend going early or late in the day.

Flower Market 3

Flower Market 4

Flower Market 5

Flower Market 6

Additionally, at the end of the market, you can find the shop NÔM with beautiful tableware. The owners are the nicest people and they told me about their story and where the production is based. The inspiration for their latest collection comes from France.


– countries representing their delicious food –

Mel’s Tropical Kitchen is my favourite spot, everything is so insanely delicious (you can find it right in the middle with huge salad leaves around their bowls). Go for their amazing mixed salads, a variety of delicious veggies, sprouts and some dipping sauce to start. It’s absolute heaven! Then you have to have the Athopian Food and Mexican Food. Mel’s Tropical Kitchen even revealed their secret recipe for their amazing special hummus to me and I will publish it soon here on the blog. I felt so energized after the meal.

Also found: a cosy looking restaurant, The Grocer, with sofas, garlands, lanterns and plants.

Spitalfield Market 9.jpg

AIDA is the ultimate shopping spot. It’s in the middle of Shoreditch and they have the best tableware ever! I’m obsessed with the brands HK living and nkuku whose designs are a little bit vintage and look so amazing, especially on pictures. They even included a little café in their shop where you can buy smoothies and other little snacks.




Borough Market is a foodie’s dream, it’s full of the most beautiful stands of food from amazing fruit and vegetable sellers to incredible juice bars, healthy noodles and vegetable burgers! It also has every other type of food you could ever imagine from Italian tomato bruschetta, French quiche, a variety of pastes and the biggest mushroom risotto pan you have ever seen, so there’s really something for everyone. On of the best stands is Wok it, it’s the most delicious noodle bar that makes such fresh, healthy food – they even have zuccini and cauliflower rice as a base!


All their juices and smoothies are fantastic. They also have a great breakfast menu and lots of other awesome bowls. It’s a cute spot to hang out in.



If you need a fun, healthy spot for an Indian dinner then this is your place – it’s fantastic! It has a really great atmosphere and lots of awesome things to choose from. I’m pretty obsessed with their Indian tea, it’s heaven!


a little blurry picture of the actual vegan menu, it may change over time

‘Andina’s menu has the greatest hits of Peru & touches of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Italian food too.’
Plus it’s not super health freak orientated, it’s just great veggie centred so you can also get awesome veggie burgers.


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