Cinema on Boat

Can you imagine watching a movie under the stars on the top deck of a boat, after a cruise along the Thames?
That dream came into reality in London with the help of Timeout!

Once the sun disappears, the staff  docks up in the shadow of some of London’s most awe-inspiring sights and play a movie on the open-air top deck.

Movie: They have chosen classic movies you love, including ‘Grease, ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, as well as recent hits including ‘A Star Is Born’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’.

I got invited on a saturday for ‘The Greatest Showman’. I have never seen that movie before even though I am a firm believer in watching movies several times. Watching old classics gives you a great feeling and it will transport you into different times and sceneries. Additionally, movies have often times a great lesson.
 I absolutely loved the movie with its songs and magic moments that leave you with tears in your eyes.

My personal lesson of the movie was that it is fine to make mistakes! Do not regret them; embrace them and learn from them! You should never forget why you are doing something and for what you invest your time and effort. The most important take-away: always have a big heart!

Staff: The staff was so nice and friendly. They brought blankets and head phones.

Weather: In the beginning, the weather was great.  After a while, London lived up to it’s reputation of being a rainy city. Drops started to fall and some people went downstairs. We stayed and the staff got rain coats for everyone as a present. I really enjoyed the rain with the cozy blankets under the jackets, the slight swing og the ship, watching a great movie with the enlighted Tower Bridge in the background.

Food: I brought my own lunch package from JuiceBabyUK (see my post on JuiceBaby here). It was the best healthy cruise trip ever. You also had the opportunity to buy something from the bar.

Tip: Bring hot chocolate or tea! And don’t miss the boat! 😉

To conclude, I can honestly say, it was such a great atmosphere and very exciting since I never have done that before in my life. It is perfect for a romantic date or a night out with your girlfriends.

tower bridge 2.png
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Restaurant at the Thames


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After the event, we discovered this beautiful restaurant where people can sit in igloos and watch the Thames. It looked really cozy and warm. The staff went into each igloo separately, making it really special for every individual group.

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