VeVay Frankfurt

A restaurant that opened 2015 in Frankfurt is the VeVay. VEVAY stands for Vegetarian Vegan Yummy.  When I arrived and saw the menu I absolutely fell in love. Everything sounds so delicious and healthy. Upstairs they have a chill lounge and long tables with chairs or separate tables.

My chosen meal was of course a smoothie and quinoa falafels with salads topped with sprouts. They also have a little library with the topic aorund health.

Every meal is vegan without any food additives and they put their emphasis on quality and freshness.

I really enjoyed it and it was super tasty. Most of their ingredients are organic and they support local farmers. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything to go, making it very popular for lunch breaks in the banking city.



Neue Mainzer Straße 20
60311 Frankfurt am Main

                                                                                    telephone: +49 69 26918760


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