London Spot: Farmacy

When I walked down the street, seeking for a store to buy a new charger for my mobile phone, I saw this beautiful place and really thought it was kind of a pharmacy. And it kind of is..

From the outside, it is a beautiful old, white house with pretty plants above the entrance. They decorate the entrace every season accordingly.

I stepped inside and the first thing I saw was a beautiful shelf unit with plants and books and a wicker chair and more plants.

A nice lady welcomed me and showed me my way to a free space. I ordered a pizza and a smoothie and in London, it is common to get a water bootle on the table. The staff immediately refilled my glass when it was empty. Their were so attentive and friendly, I felt very welcomed and hygge (look at my post about Danish culture here, if you do not know what hygge is 😉 ).

My food and that on the other tables looked so good and it tasted even better. I did not know what to go for because everything just sounded like a delight.

After coming home that day, I recommended the place to my friend Rachael from Minnesota and she loved it too.

After researching a little bit about the restaurant, I learned that the farmacy team has created a beautiful cookbook and health-related products.

The team of Farmacy has really put their thoughts into which values they want to stand for and into the definition of their own philosophy.

From Soil to Sun

The ‘Farm’ in Farmacy is grounded in the Kent countryside. It’s a Demeter certified biodynamic plot of land, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, which the team of Farmacy delivers weekly to their Notting Hill restaurant by electric van.

Their goal is to make the link between the farm and plate as explicit as possible by challenging the conventional food systems with the help of their biodynamic gardeners.

‘Biodynamic methods are all about restoring vital connections, and to achieve this connected balance we have to see our land as a connected whole. That means everything from the insects, to birds, to plants, to the soil. Everything is naturally as one.’

‘To fully connect with the dynamism of the earth’s natural energy and rhythms’, the farm grows things with as little interference as possible. That begins in the soil, the most important part of biodynamic growing. The soil is like the diaphragm of the earth: the place where the energy exchange happens. ‘When the soil is biodynamically prepared, it gives whatever we grow in it taste, colour, and nutrients.’

‘It’s the key to the essence of the fruit, vegetables and herbs: whatever was in the soil will be absorbed into them. So we need it to be abundantly good. Biodynamic eating is about making a conscious decision to connect to the earth: to make better decisions that will impact how we eat, how we feel, and the footprint we leave behind after we have done so.’

The following pictures are all taken from the farmacy instagram account. My personal experience will be soon published in a video on youtube.





74 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill



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