Dalloway Terrace, London


Dalloway Terrace is set in the heart of the historical and vibrant area of Bloomsbury. Dalloway Terrace opens its doors at 8am meaning you can get down first thing to indulge in a delicious breakfast, or arrive later for a leisurely brunch. You’re spoilt for choice with tempting options including an amazingly delicious Rainbow Açaí Bowl or homemade Granola. Additionally, they have a new introduced juice bar.  ‘The Juicery is a new approach to healthy drinking and eating, from the experts’ point of view. They have commissioned leaders in nutrition, health, fitness, beauty and integrative medicine to come up with signature recipes that taste as good as they are good for you.’

You can try the Superfood Green Smoothie with spinach, banana, pear, almond milk, kiwi and the Super Elixir Alkalising Greens or the Boosting Berry Smoothie with almond milk, frozen berries, date, banana and Super Elixir Vanilla Nourishing Protein. They also offer a vegan menu, including Cauliflower Tabbouleh and HoneyRoasted Beetroot Salad. I also enjoyed a delicious tea, served in a huge silver pot to refill several times.


When I left my place in London to visit Dalloway Terrace, it started raining. However, Dalloway Terrace works perfectly whatever the weather. The restaurant has a fully retractable roof, heaters and blankets. The terrace acts as the perfect secluded garden in the winter months and in the summer months the glittering lights, floral hedging and open air dining creates a light, elegant atmosphere.


Dalloway Terrace is named after the eponymous character created by Virginia Woolf, making it a poetic and quintessentially British space. This book is now on my bucket reading list. One of the cutest things is that the bill comes with the book Mrs. Dalloway.


The space is adorned with a stunning floral installation courtesy of London’s finest florist Nikki Tibbles (Wild at Heart)! Dalloway Terrace’s Summer installation is set to transport guests to the English countryside, transforming the Terrace and neighbouring Coral Garden into a beautiful vintage scenery.


In 2018, the Head Pastry Chef, Chris Dodd, got inspired by the importance of bees within our ecosystem, so they created the Honey Bee Afternoon Tea which highlights the key habitats which are crucial to the continued existence of this beautiful creature. Isn’t this beautiful?

As part of The Bloomsbury hotel, expect a high level of service. The staff was super friendly and attentive. I had an amazing and relaxing food experience.




16-22 Great Russell Street

WC1B 3NN London



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