Borough Market, London


Borough Market is a riot of colours, smells and human engagement and has existed for around 1,000 years. You can say you definitely visit a traditional market. In my opinion Borough Market is a great food experience  – the traders are really happy to share their expertise with buyers.


Borough Market works closely together with Slow Food; a worldwide movement that supports a low impact approach to food production, with an emphasis on localised traditions and customs.

‘The Market’s mission is to put every leftover piece of food or packaging to the best possible use—to see raw materials where others see refuse.’

All cardboard, paper, plastic, glass or wood is recycled. Borough’s participation in the FoodSave scheme run by the charity Plan Zheroes means that surplus produce from many of the stalls ends up being distributed to local charities, rather than being thrown in the bin. All remaining food waste, around 8,640 litres per week, is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant—a facility that uses microorganisms to break down organic material and turn it into power, fertiliser and water.

Every single piece of packaging provided by thrit traders aims to be bio-degradable and compostable: bags, pots, plates, cups and every piece of cutlery. .

These simple measures, together with the use of low energy lighting and the collection of rainwater to feed the plants in the Market Hall, all make a difference.

For producers, this means using methods that value quality and sustainability over profit. For consumers, it means eating with the seasons, questioning the provenance of ingredients, buying only what’s needed and eating every bit of it.


When you go to Borough Market, it’s really fun.  Whether you are a die-hard foodie looking for the latest food trend or inspiring ingredients to cook with, or just hungry and looking for somewhere to eat in the Borough Market, you’ll find your calling.

Tip: If crowds are not your thing, you are best to head to the markets during the week.  If you must go on Saturday, aim to be there as soon as the market opens.  By lunchtime, the market will be swarming with people.




8 Southwark St, London


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