The Wild Food Café, London

The café’s motto: stay wild, stay juicy!

The Wild Food Café is the second restaurant I went to in London and it’s been a favourite ever since. It’s one of London’s first and most original raw vegan restaurants and it has some of the most delicious food. I spent my first evening in London at Covent Garden. On my way to the Wild Food Café, I could enjoy the beautiful streets und houses. The people were just so nice, helping me to find the right address. You can find the Wild Food Café at 14 Neil’s Yard, 1st floor, surrounded by beautiful little cafés, such as Redemption Bar and 26 grains or the Neil’s Yard Remedies Store. It is a totally informally setting tucked away in Neil’s Yard, Covent Garden.
You can take a table right next to the huge blue window, looking down on the beautiful yard.
They offer water for free (which is not common in Germany). “It has been filtered through a state of the art filtration system with 10 levels of natural media mimicking nature’s cycle, with a pH of 7.“
They also offer retreats, dinner series and supper clubs.

WFC is everything a raw restaurant should be; totally passionate about everything they stand for from organic produce to sustainability and producing creative and exciting plant based food. They put their heart and soul into creating a delicious and healthy menu with amazing food combinations. For something to nibble on you have to try their Cumin Sweet Potatoes, to be honest the sweet potatoes alone are really worth visiting WFC for. I then had a Thrive, a tea with hibiskus, ashwagandha, cinnamon and strawberry and it tasted utterly delicious – seriously, it brings my tea love to a whole different level. My friend swears on the “Forgotten Ecstasy”. She says, ”it has the perfect proportion of sweetness from dates and bitterness from cacao to stop it from being tasteless”! It’s also topped with beautiful, edible flowers too, which means it looks so pretty and it has the most amazing superfood push, so you’ll be bursting with energy all day!


In terms of main courses there are four classics that you have to try – I’ve tried the Ayurvedic Super Salad with mixed leaves, courgetti, wild rice, olives, berries, wild leaf pesto, avocado, red and yellow pepper and mustard berry dressing. All dishes are so individual! They also have a menu of the day which I also tried; the soup of the day was a wonderful and interesting combination of butternut squash with pumpkin seed oil and a seasoning mixture. Dessert at WFC is such a treat too, it was honestly so amazing and it’s one of my favourites places in London now to meet a friend for raw dessert and smoothies! My favourite desserts are the chocolate and rasperry tart and the blueberry and vanilla cheesecake, both of which are some of the best things I’ve ever tasted – it’s crazy to think that they’re healthy as they taste so indulgent.

All in all, absolutely everything has been totally and utterly delicious and I would recommend the restaurant to all of my friends.




1st Floor

14 Neal’s Yard

Covent Garden

London WC2H 9DP


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