Organic Farm Daylesford, London

Times are really changing in restaurants and more and more places are adding super healthy items to their menus, which is so exciting! Daylesford is an awesome example of this so I thought it would be a great restaurant to share with you for those of you who live in London or also just visit the amazing city. I love it when I am able to go to a restaurant that serves amazing food for everyone, so I can enjoy the best roasted aubergine and my friend can have an organic beef burger – it means everyone goes home happy and neither of us have to stress about what to eat! As much as I adore all veggie places they don’t work for everyone and not all of my friends or family always want to eat there so it’s great to have options that everyone loves.


You should definitely try the Harissa Roasted Aubergine with turmeric houmous, baked tomatoes, pine nuts and coriander or the summer salads: Summer Crush and Super Raw, the Seasonal Soup of the day is often vegan. They also offer a range of vegan shots, smoothies and nut lattes – which makes me happy – I love having a good green juice with any meal!

Most of their menu is made fresh from their garden and it is an amazing feeling to know that the organic vegetables have just been picked. Everything is grown in nutrient-rich organic soil. The produce is only picked when it’s perfectly ripe and goes straight into the kitchen, so it is incredibly fresh and full of flavour.

At Daylesford you can be sure to eat local, seasonal, organic food that nourishes our bodies. I really trust them with their approach and keeping their values.



Over forty years ago, the Daylesford team began to turn their family’s farmland over to sustainable, organic farming.

“Our connection to the earth is at the heart of everything we do. By farming organically, we work in harmony with nature and strive to protect its precious resources.

Eating well is sharing seasonal, local, organic food that nourishes our bodies. We believe that producing food organically, following the year’s natural rhythms, is not only best for the future of our planet, it is better for our wellbeing too.”

On their website you see which fruits and vegetables are in season, everything to promote the bigger picture of sustainable farming and healthy eating.



So I would really recommend Daylesford if you’re looking for a beautifully decorated place that works for everyone, a place where you can enjoy lots of plant-based goodness and your friends or family can enjoy organic, locally sourced meat and cheese! The range of items for gluten free plant based eaters isn’t enormous, not like if you visit a specifically veggie place, but there are at least four or five delicious things to choose from, which for me is more than enough – especially when you compare it to most conventional restaurants where all you can get is a green side salad!


Daylesford near Kingham
Gloucestershire GL56 0YG

44B Pimlico Road
London SW1W 8LP

208-212 Westbourne Grove
London W11 2RH

6-8 Blandford Street
London W1U 4AU


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