Strawberry Coconut Yoghurt


When it comes to breakfast, I normally try to stick to a routine. On weekends, I vary a lot since I like to meet friends or try something new.

This month, I invite my friends over to have a beautiful picnic. The theme will be Flower Power since I love flowers and try to celebrate as much as I can. When I was in Ibiza, I remember one occasion with a flower theme very vividly. Everything was so beautifully decorated and everybody was dressed like a hippie with sun glasses, headbands and lots of flowers. My friends can wear a dress with flowers or bring something to eat with edible flowers. I am looking so much forward to the event and I will keep you posted about any news. When it comes to everyday business, being so busy all the time, we have to make sure to squeeze in some of these happy moments!

So, here I motivate you to calm down, burn a candle, listen to a beautiful song that sparks memories in you, journal, eat strawberries from a stick or do anything that creates a little happiness for you today.

SERVES: 1 person

TIME: 5 minutes


  • 1 yoghurt (I used coconut)
  • strawberries, a handful
  • topping: coconut chips


Blend the strawberries and the yoghurt in a blender.


Enjoy with gratitude!




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