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  • My Vacation to Corfu


    Corfu – what a beautiful island. I have been to Greece before but never to Corfu. When our pick-up service took us from the airport he said: “You are going to love it and you will not want to leave!” And he was right.

    Here are my favorite places and activities to do on the island Corfu!


    Schrift oben: the best cafés darunter separat foto (oder nicht separat, was besser aussieht) mit schönem Rahmen, weiß mit Kugeln sieht am besten aus finde ich (Stand: 14.11.), Bild sollte kleiner sein als hier.

    One of the biggest upsides of Corfu are its gorgeous cafés. The cafés we visited (and got recommended beforehand) had the most amazing views, opportunities to jump in the water and go snorkeling right from the sunbeds and give you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious smoothie right in the sun! Definitely holiday feeling and worth picture taking to remember the incredible memories and feelings you experienced!


    • 7th Heaven

    7th Heaven lies in Sidari and is divided into a café and restaurant. The beautiful schaukeln give you the opportinity to enjoy the most amazing view at the beach, cliffs and the ocean with its crystal clear blue water and to sip off you freshly made orange juice or watermelon water. They even build a platform made out of glas with a decoration of beautiful stone arrangements which gives the whole restaurant, being on top of the cliffs, a nice touch. Shadow or sunny.. you can choose your place. And afterwards, please enjoy a bath in the most amazing water. You’ll love it!

    • La Grotta

    La Grotta Bar – the chilling, fancy restaurant bar where you can jump from a diving board into the water and go snorkeling or just hang around with your friends at the rocks; half in the water, half enjoying the sun on your body while sitting on the rocks. When you want to have it cozy, go to the sunbeds and have a smoothie there under one of the sun umbrellas. Everything is very fancy with a white design and big pillows. The staff was super friendly, too.

    • Aubergine (for a cold smoothie close the palace where princess Sissi lived with an amazing view) Kapodistriou 110, Kerkira 491 00, Griechenland

    When visiting Corfu Town and need a fresh smoothie to go, have a look at Aubergine. They make you the smoothie right away! You can find it opposite of Sissi’s palace. A perfect opportunity to appreciate the glory of Sissi’s palace and the view and having a cold pressed juice to cool you down.


    Best Beaches: Foto mit Sonnenuntergang

    Beaches in Corfu – I love them and miss them everyday. They give you the feeling of vacation, your problems are gone and having a swim in the clear blue water is the best feeling!

    Here is a short list of my favorite beaches on Corfu:

    • Paleokrastritsa and the monarchy on top of the mountain, they grow lots of herbs, spices and flowers, which you can buy

    We went there accidentally. It was the best accident ever! In Paleokrastritsa, you can go on top of the mountain and as a reward visit the monarchy for free. They grow a lot of herbs and have the most amazing flower garden. Trust me, it is worth a visit. Enjoy some fruits on the way down or buy some shells in the shop at the beach.

    • Kontogialos Beach

    We lived close to that beach and enjoyed it very much because the beach has only sand. You can definitely do some yoga, try some handstands or make a funny video with your GoPro in the water.

    • Afionas Timoni Beach

    Unfortunately I did not make it there but friends told me it is amazingly beautiful and they even saw some flamingos. Next time, that is definitely on my bucket list. Do not miss out on that one. (The picture I did not take by myself).


    When you’re vacationing, you always want to bring something with you as a little reminder of this beautiful trip. Here are my best shopping tips:

    • Land of Corfu

    You can buy amazing souvernirs such as huge and small shells and sponges for your skin, organic foods such as oil, nuts and sea salt. The owner was so nice, he even gave me a present before I left. I can only recommend that place!

    • Plate Souvenir Shop

    It is a very touristic souvenir shop but they have the most beautiful hand-made plates: Plateia Georgiou Theotoki 104-118, Kerkira 491 00, Griechenland. Go in there and buy some georgeous plates or bowls if you are as fanatic about enjoying your breakfast in a beautiful bowl as I am.


    Corfu offers different activities and watersports.

    • Boat Tour

    I joined the Boat Tour to Antipaxos and Paxos. Go snorkeling with your friends, jump from (small) rocks into the water, have a meal at the coast of Paxos and let the wind blow through your hair while being on the boat. I had an amazing time and made a lot of friends on that trip. Give it a go! You won’t regret it.

    Please go… (Das als Bild mit Schriftzug einfügen).

    If you have some questions, you can write me an email. I would not want to miss that experience: the welcoming atmosphere and warmth of the people from Corfu, the amazing and unforgettable views, the chilling cafés, the beaches with the crystal clear blue water etc.






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