When I was in school, my mother cooked all the time. We had friends over a lot and her skills as a cook made me very popular because all my friends loved her food, too. For me, she was a magician in the kitchen. She created these amazing recipes but not only that and most important, she created the most wonderful atmosphere. She soon started to do catering. Everybody felt welcomed around her. We invited friends at Christmas and every other holiday season possible. Even though the whole world has no access to her healthy and nourishing food, my mission is to give you access to the recipes and develop further recipes and spread her message: be generous, be kind and take care of yourself and others.

Me, Myself and I

I did my B.A. in Berlin at Freie Universität Berlin. After an awesome internship at Bosch right under the CEO Volkmar Denner with the best boss ever supporting new ideas of products for the company, I continued studying Business Analytics with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and my interest showed in my grades. I really enjoyed learning coding and all about robotics and new technologies and virtual reality. But I was not quite sure if I was doing it for myself. I already got invitations from Microsoft and Bosch for the Global Leading Program (women are still very rare in computer science and I support and encourage everyone to go for it, coding is so much fun and what you can create is amazing) but my gut feeling told me my path leads to Nutritional Science, learning everything about the body and what we can do to support, protect and nourish it. If I could do both, I would but I think it is good to have a lot of knowledge and good judgement in one field and not being an all-around goody in different topics. And as one of my idols Roger Federer says: try to improve one area, it is better to be very good in that than to be a little good in many different areas.

My interests are supporting women in every field possible, creating a healthy lifestyle (not only food), travelling and sharing my passion with you. I hope you like my blog and feel free to write me. I love all your stories and shared meals and I hope to create a little space where everyone feels welcomed, shares their ideas, interests and pictures and to make the world a little bit more healthy and happy.

My most important message to you: never fear failure and ohh, you are so enough!

And remember: you are so welcomed here;)



Contact: leni.dalla@gmx.de

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