I know that some items are a little bit pricey but the Berkey water filter for example has a lifetime warranty and I only invest in products where I think it is a good return on my health. Of course some products are also just for enjoyment. Have fun browsing!

Note: Some links are to the German amazon website (since I live in Germany). If you are from a different country just search at for the product. You normally find it.


Fitness Tracker:

I currently have a Microsoft fitness tracker but they do not produce it anymore. The displayed fitness tracker here is very similar. Do not be discouraged by some bad reviews. It seems that all fitness trackers from different brands got some bad reviews and it is not possible to reach a 100% satisfaction in that category. The color of my fitness tracker is black but I am open to try new colours when buying a new one. After some research and comparisons I can say: I would choose this one.


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